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Fluorinert FC-770
The wide liquid range of Fluorinert liquid FC-770 (-127 °C to 95 °C) allows its use in heat transfer applications in the semiconductor industry, and also makes it useful in electronics testing.

Application Guide Heat Transfer Fluids
The wide liquid range of Fluorinert liquid FC-770 (-127°C to 95°C) makes it ideal for use in automated test equipment (ATE) and other semiconductor process equipment. Its high dielectric strength means it will not damage electronic equipment or semiconductor wafers, chips or packages in the event of a leak or other failure. In addition, FC-770 liquid is chemically stable, nonflammable and practically non-toxic.

Application Guide Testing Fluids
The low pour point of FC-770 liquid (-127°C) permits its use in thermal shock testing equipment.
Conforming to Military Standard 883-1011, the liquid is an ideal fluid for the cold phase of the test because it has precise temperature control, rapid heat transfer due to its high thermal conductivity, excellent material compatibility and no post-test clean-up.
Fluorinert FC-770
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