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Fluorinert FC-70
3M™ Fluorinert™ Electronic Liquid FC-70 Is a unique combination of properties and a high boiling point (215 °C) makes this liquid ideal for many electronics applications, including high temperature heat transfer, vapor phase reflow soldering and many electronic quality and reliability tests.

Application Guide Heat Transfer Fluids
The high boiling point of Fluorinert liquid FC-70 (215°C) and its excellent heat transfer properties make it an ideal fluid for use in high temperature thermal management applications. Also, its high dielectric constant means it will not damage electronic equipment or semiconductor wafers in the event of a leak or other failure.
FC-70 liquid is chemically stable, compatible with sensitive materials, nonflammable and practically non-toxic.

Application Guide Testing Fluids
The high dielectric strength and wide liquid range (-25°C to 215°C) of Fluorinert liquid FC-70 make it an ideal liquid for use in electronic reliability testing. Components may be tested both physically and electronically while immersed in this non-conductive liquid. In addition, tested devices dry quickly with no residue, and require no post-test cleaning.

Application Guide Vapor Phase Reflow Soldering Fluids
The saturated vapor generated from boiling Fluorinert liquid FC-70 is very dense and easily contained. The fluid is typically used with solders like 63 Sn/37 Pb, 60 Sn/40 Pb, or 62 Sn/36 Pb/2 Ag. FC-70 liquid can be used in a variety of vapor phase reflow soldering applications, including:
• BGA attach
• Conventional through-hole or SMT circuit assembly reflow
• Fluxless fusion of circuit board electroplating
• Assembly of metal components having complex geometric shapes
Fluorinert FC-70

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